One week
  • 5 lessons > Monday to Friday
Medal included
3pm to 5pm (Christmas holidays)
3.30 pm to 5.30pm (Nice's February holidays)
Meeting point
Chastellares Plateau
Lift pass
Group snowboard lessons are only available during school holidays. However, private lessons are available outside this period.
Private lessons

We answer your questions

Is wearing a helmet mandatory?
Wearing a helmet is not mandatory but strongly recommended for snowboard lessons.
Is a special equipment required for snowboarding?
For beginners, wrist guards (rollerblade type) and back guards can be useful.
Is a lift pass required?
During the first hour of the lesson, you will learn to stand and balance. A lift pass is not necessary.
However, you will soon (from the 2nd hour) learn to use the drag lift, and the beginner's pass is required.
Ask your instructor for advice according to your progress.